Selected Stories

James Farmer Statue 1” by ModernSelkie on Flickr.

The following links are clips from the full length James Farmer Lectures. These short clips capture important events, people, and ideas of the Civil Rights Movement.

MLK Compared to Malcolm X

  • In this clip from Lecture 5, James Farmer compares Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X.

Malcolm X’s Name

  • In this clip from Lecture 5, James Farmer explains why Malcolm X chose the last name of “X” instead of his legal name Little.

James Farmer Reflects on Malcolm X

  • In this clip from Lecture 6, James Farmer reflects on the end of Malcolm X’s life.

James Farmer Reflects on the March on Washington

  • This is a short clip from Lecture 7. While in a Louisiana jail during the Freedom Rides, Farmer watched the March on Washington on a small television set.

James Farmer in Plaquemine, LA

  • This is a clip from Lecture 7, James Farmer tells the story of his time in Plaquemine, LA. In this story the troopers and other rioters attack James Farmer and protesters with tear gas.

James Farmer Refuses Violence

  • In this clip from Lecture 8, James Farmer refuses to use a gun when the troopers are outside ready to kill him.

Freedom Summer

  • In this clip from Lecture 9, James Farmer speaks about Freedom Summer of 1964, when volunteers traveled to Mississippi to educate and register African Americans to vote.

Positive Outcome of Freedom Summer

  • In this clip from Lecture 10, James Farmer discusses the outcomes of Freedom Summer where thousands of African Americans were registered to vote, which changed the politics in the South and urged the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

March on Bogalusa, LA

  • In this clip from Lecture 11, James Farmer discusses how he refused turn down a march in Bogalusa, LA despite multiple death threats.

James Farmer Reflects on Stokely Carmichael

  • In this clip from Lecture 12, James Farmer discusses Stokely Carmichael and his Black Nationalist ideals.